Pieced Whole Chicken - SEPTEMBER

Pieced Whole Chicken - SEPTEMBER

$8.76/lb. Avg. 6.5lb .
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You are ordering a whole chicken - but cut and packaged into pieces. You must order in even numbers as the way it is packed at the butcher, they do 2 chickens together.

You'll get:

4 chicken breasts (individually packed)

2 x 2 per package of thighs

2 x 2 per package of drumsticks

4 split wings in 1 package

2 backs and necks in 1 package

Our meat chickens are pasture raised outside on grass with access to certified organic feed and fresh water.

They average 5-8 lbs. Chickens are flash frozen.

Available from July through October.

The price you see for this item is not the final price, as we will adjust the weight based on the actual weight of the birds you get.

Deposit is $10/bird.