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About Our Farm

Meeting Place Organic Farm is a 100 acre draft powered family farm in picturesque Huron County. In operation since 1973, it is now under the stewardship of the second generation of the McQuail family.

We have certified organic pastured pigs, certified organic 100% grass fed cattle and organically raised meat chickens. As well we produce organic eggs, organic apples and apple butter, vegetable, herb and heritage tomato seedlings. We cooperate with several other local farms to bring you local organic lamb, goat, duck, maple syrup and honey.

Our certified organic, grass fed and grass finished cattle live outside year round. They are moved daily during the growing season onto our certified organic pastures. In the winter they live outside on our winter pasture and bale graze on hay that we harvest in the height of the summer for nutritional maximization. They have constant access to fresh, clean water, salt and minerals. They calve in April and May, out on pasture.

Our certified organic, pastured pigs live outside from the time they are weaned til harvested. We farrow our sows in the barn to protect the new piglets from the elements and predators. They are fed a certified organic, mixed grain ration to meet their protein requirements which has the mineral already mixed in. They have constant access to fresh clean water.

Our organically raised meat chickens arrive at the farm as day old chicks and spent approximately the next 5 weeks in our brooders staying warm and growing bigger til they are feathered out completely. Once they are, we move them into our range pens because they are able to withstand the elements. Our range pens are moved twice a day giving the birds a clean area to eat bugs and fresh grasses as well as the certified mixed grain ration made specifically to meet their nutritional requirements. We mix oyster shell and grit into their feed to keep their gizzards grinding and their bones healthy.

Our organically raised laying hens arrive at the farm as 6 month old, ready to lay pullets. They live in our mobile hen palace that moves around the farm and orchards helping with pest prevention and giving the ladies a great diet, making the yolks extra yellow! They are fed a certified mixed grain ration made specifically to meet their nutritional requirements. We mix oyster shell and grit into their feed to keep their gizzards grinding, their egg shells strong, and their bones healthy.

We farm organically with Suffolk Punch horses and have a mixed livestock operation designed to nourish the soil and produce food in an ecologically sustainable manner. We pasture our cattle and feed our own hay in the winter. Our pigs have access to pasture as well as fresh garden weeds. We are founding members of the Ecological Farmer’s Association of Ontario. Some of our farm products have been certified organic for 30 years. Our organic certifier is Ecocert Canada.

Suffolk Punch draft horses for sale upon availability.

Past Farmers

To all the folks who've helped us get to where we are today, thank you!