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At Meeting Place Organic Farm we've farmed with draft horses since the mid-1970's. Up until 2014, we exclusively used Belgium work horses, born and raised on our farm, descendants from our original team.

Due to the shortness of our next generation, we needed shorter work horses and so crossed our Belgium's with Suffolk Punch. Zach and Yoda looked like a promising shorter team, when tragically in the winter of 2013, we lost Yoda. We were heart broken.

In 2014 we decided to try out a team of Norwegian Fjord's- Gailen and Ginger. They were with us for about 2 years and what we learned was that though they were tough as nails and had lots of power for their size, all of our equipment and farm practices were built around having a larger horse.

So, in 2016 we sold Gailen and Ginger to a lovely family in the USA. Katrina then purchased a team of mares, Barb and Song. Song is a registered Suffolk Punch mare. We've been raising up colts from Barb and Song, and now Song, Genie and Frieda.

Currently available to the right home:

  • Hero - registered purebred Suffolk Punch colt born 2020
  • Frieda - 1/2 Suffolk Punch 1/2 Belgian mare, born 2018
  • Jamieson - a 3/4 Suffolk Punch 1/4 Belgian colt born 2021