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How to Cook Organic Grass Fed Steak

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September 30, 2022

Over our years of raising and selling pasture raised meat, one of the questions we hear quite frequently is how to cook our organic grass fed steak. It can be a barrier for people who might want to try pastured beef for its health and environmental benefits but are unsure they will be able to cook it properly.   We can help you get the steaks that are delivered to your home in Ontario onto your plates in the most delicious way.

Our beef cattle spend their lives outside grazing our pastures. Spring, summer and fall they graze our lush grass with access to fresh water, minerals and salt. In winter, they are still outside but with shelter from the elements and our certified organic hay. They are 100% grass fed and finished.

Grass-fed cows raised on pasture are leaner and more muscular than conventionally raised cows that get little to no exercise. That difference is what makes their meat full of healthy Omega-3 fats and CLA. It also requires a different approach to cooking the different cuts. Here are some tips for cooking the perfect grass fed steaks at home:

Thaw the Grass Fed Steak

Our beef comes frozen so you should thaw the steaks and bring them to room temperature for at least an hour or two before cooking.

Dry the Steak and Apply a Rub

Use a tea towel to dry your meat and then apply a rub. Salt and pepper are a simple choice that is always delicious. We sometimes rub our steaks with a mix coarse salt and fresh rosemary ground together.

For the Barbecue and Oven Remember High Then Low

Heat your grill to high temperature then sear both sides of the steak. The next step will prevent you from having tough steak – lower the temperature and/or move the steak to a higher rack on the barbecue and finish cooking it more slowly at a lower temperature.

Alternatively, you can skip the grill completely, sear your steak in a frying pan and then finish it in the oven at a lower temperature. Both methods will lock in the juices and give that nice sear we all love when barbecuing in the summer. 

You want to aim for rare, medium rare or medium. When people complain about the taste of grass fed beef it is often due to overcooking at high heats. Its leaner qualities make it dry out quickly and become chewy when cooked too long at high heat. Get this step right and you are golden.

Let Your Steak Rest

Once it has reached your desired state of doneness take it off the grill and let it rest 4-8 minutes. 

Now you know how to cook grass fed steak in the simplest way. For those that are ready to level up their grilling there are some amazing chefs out there championing grass fed meats and how to cook them. If you are committed to getting the most out of your meat I highly suggest investing in some cookbooks or searching them out at your local library. Here are two great places to start.

Shannon Hayes is a livestock farmer who was one of the first to start telling people how they should cook grass fed meats. Check out her cookbooks.

Aaron Franklin is a barbecue cook and restauranteur that has written an amazing cookbook all about steak.

Are you ready to try your hand at cooking grass fed steak? Our cows are out on pasture right now here at Meeting Place Organic Farm in Lucknow, Ontario but we have lots of grass fed steak in our store, as well as larger packages of beef and other cuts

We delivery throughout Southern and Central Ontario weekly. To find out which days we deliver to your area check out our delivery route map.

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