Spring has Sprung

April 11, 2017

IMG_7283Springtime on the farm is something that I await with anticipation. No matter how much I love winter (which I do); there is something just amazing about springtime. All of the pastures are starting to green up, the song birds are back, our animals start to have their babies and there is more light. Waking up to daylight makes it so much easier to get out of bed.




This spring we’ve been working on pruning the apple trees, bringing in firewood for next fall/winter, starting all of our seedlings in the greenhouse, spreading compost on the fields, keeping all of the animals alive and healthy, and some bigger maintenance opportunities. We’re building 2 big tent platforms for our 16′ dia. prospector tents, which are where Kevin and Mason will be living for the season. To learn more about our fabulous 2017 farm crew, click here.

Katrina McQuail

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