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Farm Transitions

We've known it was coming, but it is still a bit unreal to think that Tony and Fran are officially stepping a bit further back from running Meeting Place Organic Farm. As of January 1st, 2016 they have sold the farm business to (me) Katrina. They are still integral, important parts of the operation, but they are working on making this farm business succession a success!There is lots for us to figure out in terms of what it means in the day to day, the logistical, the practical and the family dynamics side of things. But, there we have it.Don't worry. For you - our friends and customers, nothing in terms of the farm business is going to change (for the worse). We're still going to be raising and loving our animals who have one bad-day to become the delicious meats that you're used to getting from us. We will still have the apple orchard and our apple butter, and so-on and so-forth.Think of this as us breathing a little energy into the operations and having more flexibility amongst those who can manage the farm to be able to continue to invest in our local community, and in ourselves and our family in new and exciting ways!As always, thanks for your interest in our lives and support of the farm.