20 lb box Beef Variety Pack - September

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Our 20 lb actual weight variety pack gives you a sampling of all the cuts that you'd get if you ordered a half or quarter beef but in a volume better suited to a smaller freezer, eating less meat or smaller family unit.

In the 20 lb variety pack you'll get at least: 1 slow/pot roast, 1 oven roast, a variety of beef steaks, ground beef and stew beef.

Our certified organic, completely grass fed beef animals are raised outside year round. In the spring/summer/and fall they are rotationally grazed on our lush pastures with access to mineral, salt and fresh water. They spend the winter outside with shelter from the elements and access to our certified organic hay, fresh water, salt and minerals. They get such a nice heavy coat and fat layer that they don't mind the cold weather.