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20 lb box Pork Variety Pack

20 lb box Pork Variety Pack

20 lb mixed pork cuts

This is a 20 lb actual weight variety pack of pork. It gives you a sampling of what you would get if you ordered a half or whole pig, but at a quantity of meat that works for smaller freezers, folks who don't eat a lot of meat or a smaller family unit.

In this pack you'll get at least: 1 smoked ham, 1 pork roast, bacon, pork chops, ribs and sausage. Sometimes you'll also get ground pork.

Our certified organic Duroc (with a hint of Berksire) pigs are raised outside year round. In the spring/summer/and fall they are rotationally grazed on pasture with unlimited access to certified organic 16% protein ration feed and fresh water. They have a shelter as well as trees to provide shade and protection from rain. In the winter they are outside in an area with a a cozy shelter and lots of bedding to keep warm, with access to the same feed, hay and fresh water. They love playing in the snow!