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Whole Mangalitsa Pig

Whole Mangalitsa Pig

$15.00 /lb.
Avg. 200 lb.
Mangalitsa’s are known for their free-range, foraging, and natural diet – one of the reasons why the pork and lard produced from these pigs is so healthy to add to our own diets!  These furry pigs are pastured around our farm, eating a natural diet filled with vegetables, fruits, and grains, in addition to the nutrients they find on the ground. They spend their time in the pasture snacking, frolicking and wallowing, letting them live their best lives. These hairy pigs are known for their mouthwatering flavour and unbelievable taste!

Aside from their long healthy and happy lives, the secret to the amazing taste of Mangalitsa meat is their pure white fat! Mangalitsa pork contains a pure and beneficial fat that is rich in:

  • Omega 3
  • Omega 6
  • Omega 9
  • Vitamin D
  • Antioxidants