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Seedlings and Plants - Pick up May 11 and 12 or After. NOT BEFORE

Ordering Info: PICK UP IS MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND AND AFTER. PLEASE IGNORE THE DATE. Come pick up your pre-ordered seedlings at our annual open house and seedling sale - Saturday May 11th from 10am-4pm and Sunday May 12th from noon - 4pm. . Many of our plants - especially our tomatoes come as either singles or 4 packs. Be sure to select the correct option for you from the drop-down menu on that plant and enter the quantity you want. All seedling orders are for PICKUP only. . Once you've placed your order, you can pay for it by e-transfer (preferred), cheque or credit card. And... don't forget you can also order our certified organic pork and beef, apple butter, lamb skins, honey and maple syrup for pickup along with your seedlings.

Plant info: ALL PLANTS NEED TO BE HARDENED OFF- ie: put outside for several days, for increasing amounts of time, before being transplanted so they get used to wind and direct sun. We recommend putting can cylinders around the seedlings for 5-7 days after transplanting to protect them from wind, direct sun and cutworms. Lengths of Row cover available for sale. Row cover is especially helpful for protecting brassicas from flea beetles and moths. We have given you variety of names so you can look them up on William Dam Seeds or Vesey Seeds to get more details about each plant since we won’t have an opportunity to answer your questions at the Open House.