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Pastured Pork

Pasture Raised Pork in Ontario. Our pigs are Raised in open pastures. No hormones, no antibiotics. GMO-Free. Our certified organic Duroc (with a hint of Berkshire) pigs are raised outside year round. In the spring/summer/and fall they are rotationally grazed on pasture with unlimited access to certified organic 16% protein ration feed and fresh water. They have a shelter as well as trees to provide shade and protection from rain. In the winter they are outside in an area with a a cozy shelter and lots of bedding to keep warm, with access to the same feed, hay and fresh water. They love playing in the snow!

Save $4.30 /lb.
$6.70 /lb.
$11.00 /lb.
Avg. 90 lb.

Spring - 5 lb Pork Breakfast Sausage Box

5 lb box of breakfast sausage links

Save $1.50 /lb.
$12.00 /lb.
$13.50 /lb.
Avg. 5 lb.

We hear over and over from our customers how much you love having our pasture raised pork delivered to your homes in Ontario. We work hard to provide the delicious certified organic meat you love from happy pigs who are raised outside where they can root and forage to their hearts content.

We offer bulk certified organic, pasture raised pork throughout the year that can be purchased as a whole or half. This is the most economical way to purchase pastured pork for the best value and quality. We offer standard cutting instructions but are happy to work with you if you prefer specific cuts.

A great place to start for customers not yet ready to commit to a whole or half or who have a smaller freezer is our 20lb Pastured Pork Variety pack. In this pack you will receive at least 1 ham, 1 pork roast, bacon, pork chops, ribs and sausage to try. Our Taste of the Farm package also allows you try a sampling of pastured pork, grass-fed beef and organic pastured chicken from our farm at a great value.

We have a delicious selection of organic pastured pork products to try including: sausage patties, breakfast sausage, pork shoulder roasts, pepperettes and so much more. We offer organic pastured ground pork in 1lb packages or you can get a bulk price for ordering packages of 10.

We know you will be happy with the flavours on your table when you choose to buy pasture-raised pork from us here at Meeting Place Organic Farm in Lucknow, Ontario.

We deliver throughout Central and Southern Ontario weekly. Create an account, shop online and we will deliver your certified organic pasture raised pork right to your door in Ontario. Check out our delivery page to see our Ontario delivery schedule.